An Initiative for Sustainable Regional Development

The founding of Destination Wattens Regionalentwicklung GmbH was the culmination of a storied collaboration between the Wattens municipality and Swarovski, which serves to institutionalise more than 120 years of continuous cooperation.

As a public-private partnership, we develop and implement initiatives to sustainably stimulate economic development for the benefit of the region as a whole.

Together, we forge new paths, deploy resources and develop a distinctive regional identity.

Shaping the Future Together

Along with our partners, we are a driving force for targeted regional economic development with the goal of increasing the attractiveness of the Wattens area as a space for innovative companies from various branches.

Our activities focus on attracting and establishing new businesses in various stages of development. Furthermore, we focus on areas such as applied research and education.

In the future, we will highlight additional emerging goals such as living space, the environment, and mobility.

This is our contribution to the sustainable creation of new jobs, prosperity and quality of life in the region.